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7/15/17: Relaxing on a Ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad

When we are in North Conway, New Hampshire we love to take a leisurely ride on Conway Scenic Railroad.  Our past visit we went on the Valley Train on a 55 minute round trip ride to Conway.  You can find all schedules on their website and I also have reviews on my blog linked in this post to all of their excursions.  Plus Thomas the Tank Engine is on his way to North Conway and will be there on July 21st-23rd and 28th-30th!  Check the events calendar.
I love taking a train ride as it feels so relaxing.  Plus Evan loves trains so much.  He has loved them since he was little.
The Valley Train is a great option if you are not sure how long kids can be entertained on the train.  There are two excursions, Conway which is 55 minutes and Bartlett which is one hour and 3/4.  Here is my review of the Bartlett excursion.  If you are interested in a longer ride here is my review of the Crawford Notch 5 hour ride which is a lot of fun.  There are also dining options which can be found here.
 We traveled in a comfortable car called the Pullman Parlor-Observation Car Gertrude Emma.  This is the First Class option which I love.  The price differential between Coach and First Class is not that significant on the Conway Train.  For an adult the difference is $5 and for children is $4.
 I love the wicker chairs and big windows to look out.  There is also a snack bar in this car and the narrator for your ride is on this train.
The part I enjoy the most is the beautiful views from the train.
 It is so lovely just relaxing and looking at the mountains.
Evan especially loves when the bring the engine from one side of the train to the other for the trip back to the station.  Here it is coming around.
 The kids were enjoying looking out from the little observation deck off the back of the first class car. 
 The engine has now switched tracks and is headed back to hook up.
 The kids looking on as the engine gets closer.
 Here you can see it hooking up.
 Now we are ready to head back.
Here is some video from our last ride on this train.

 I know you will enjoy taking a train ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad.
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Disclosure:  I received 4 First Class tickets in exchange for this post.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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