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7/16/17: Fun at Santa's Village for Tweens

Our family has been going to Santa's Village since 2008 and it is always a blast.  Now the kids are getting a bit older though and as tweens our visits have changed a bit but are still tons of fun for the whole family!
Let's talk about what is different and what is the same.  They still visit with Santa.  Or course if you are visiting Santa's Village you have to see Santa!
 There is nothing better than getting your list in early with the big man!
 I got a bit nostalgic and decided to do this collage of pictures since 2008.  Amazing how much they change through the years.
Let's talk rides!  The rides they want to go on over and over have changed a bit over the years.  They used to love to ride the Reindeer Carousel over and over.

This visit I couldn't even count how many times they went on the Bumper Cars.  I think I lost count at 10.
They also had a blast shooting the humbugs on The Great Humbug Adventure.

We went on numerous time to compete for who had the best score.  The competition was fierce but overall I came out on top!

They still love the Himalaya and giggled the whole time.
  They also were very excited to go on Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster.
The Antique Cars have always been a favorite.  They still look ahead to see what color they will get hoping for their favorite color.
 The Poogee Penguin's Spin Out Coaster is also a favorite.  This is a roller coaster that has spinning cars.
 Honestly I think anything that is a competition is their favorite.  Here they are racing on You Tubing.
 Evan won!
 The Skyway Sleigh is lots of fun too.  Just make sure to remember the magic words to get started "Up up and away".  You can see the whole list of rides here.
Here is a video of the fun through their eyes.

They still love to take our traditional pictures.  As you enter there is this super cute Snow Man.  He has changed a bit in the last couple years but the kids love to take a picture with him.
They always take a picture with the big bunny.
Of course they take a picture in front of the Santa's Village sign.
 They still see how tall they are.
 I was in disbelief, Evan was taller than me!
They still love feeding the reindeer which is my personal favorite thing to do there.
You can buy little cups of snacks for the reindeer for $2 a piece.
 When we were there they had carrots to feed them.

One difference is now Lauren had to take a selfie with the reindeer.  This made me laugh.

I love taking pictures of the reindeer.
I think the reindeer was posing.  We also went on to Facebook Live while feeding the reindeer and people loved it.
 The kids know how much I love the reindeer o they took some pictures for me. 
What a pose!
 Here is a little flashback.
 So cute!
They no longer want to play the Elfabet Game!  This is a search throughout the park for 26 Elves with a little punch card and get a prize and diploma at the end.  They did take pictures with their Elf though.
 Maybe the elves are shrinking?
They still love making gingerbread girls and boys.
 They love decorating them.
 They are so yummy, who wouldn't want to make one?
 Lauren is going to get a tummy ache!  LOL!

There are shows but my kids didn't want to go to them.  There is a 3D movie, light show and animatronic show plus live performers.   
We were also impressed with the new changes to the gift shop that you exit through.  What a great renovation.
It looks so pretty.
It has a beautiful Christmas Tree. 
 This is what it looks like from the outside.
 It is so pretty outside. 
 At any age you will have a ton of fun at Santa's Village! 
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Disclosure:  I was provided with tickets for my family to go to Santa's Village for promotional purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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