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7/3/17: Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises Amazing Whales!

We recently visited Cape Cod and wanted to do some cool things with the kids.  We thought a Whale Watch might be fun and it was beyond my expectations!  We went on the Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises who actually guarantee you will see a whale and they really did deliver in a big way!
Yes that whale was that close to the boat!  It was absolutely amazing!  We started by gathering at the Marina.  They suggest you get there an hour early as that is when they start boarding.  We got there a bit early and were first in line to go on the boat.
Here is the lovely boat we boarded!
There were three levels of seating including outdoor and indoor seats.  We chose outdoors up the front of the boat.  This boat is so large that my husband who always has motion sickness on boats was not bothered by it.  He did take Dramamine but sometimes even with that he gets sick so it was a huge bonus that it did not make him sick on this boat.  TIP:  Bring some snacks and drinks with you.  There is also a snack bar on board.
Here we are up front.  It was the kids first whale watch and they were really impressed.  TIP:  Dress in layers.  It is cooler out on the water (and windy).  Make sure to bring a sweatshirt/jacket and I suggest long pants.  It will be at least 10 degrees cooler on the water.
We headed out on our trip.  The whole trip takes about four hours.  There were some beautiful views on our way out.  This is quintessential Cape Cod, the lovely lighthouse.
So beautiful!
Gorgeous views.
Now on to the good stuff, the whales!  From the second the boat arrived to the spot where they see whales we started spotting them everywhere.  You can tell a whale is coming if you see bubbles on the water.  We saw a Finback Whale named Loon, a Humpback Whale named Shuffleboard and a Minke Whale jumping in the distance which they said only happens every 50 trips.
I suggest bringing a good camera.  I had my Canon EOS Rebel T6 with a good zoom lense.  Smart phones can't capture it well enough.
I got many tale shots.  The naturalist would announce it and also point out where to look for whales.
This guy was the most amazing.  He truly was so close to the boat and it was awesome seeing him swimming around.  You can see the blow hole with water coming out.
This whale was so cool!
I used Sports Mode on my camera and just kept snapping away.
So gorgeous!
I got some really great Tale Shots.  This one is my absolute favorite!
Here are a bunch that I got.
Whales, whales, whales!!!
Here is the second level of the boat.
The first level.  We sat up the front of the 1st level.
A view up on the boat.
A view off the back of the boat.
I really can't say enough about this awesome Whale Watch!
I hope my pictures inspire you to check it out for yourself!
Disclosure:  I was provided with four tickets for the Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruise for promotional purposes.  No other compensation was received and as always all opinions are my own.

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