Friday, July 7, 2017

7/7/17: Davis Farmland Farm and Water Fun

We have been going to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA for years and love visiting.  Every time we go we find a new super cute animal to hang out with.  The kids always find a few favorite animals on each trip.  Things that stand out is how clean it is and how much there is to do!
We always start by feeding animals which is so much fun for the whole family.  There are so many animals to feed.  

When you enter you can buy a feed cup for $3.00.  You don't need to worry about bringing change to get food from machines.
 The kids love feeding the animals.  I usually buy them each a cup of food.
 They are so cute!
 There is also an area where you can hold some of the animals.  This guy hopped up on Lauren.
 Here she is holding a little baby.
 The baby fell asleep on her.
 Lauren wanted to take the baby goat home.  Sorry, not today Lauren.
Aren't they adorable? 
 Here are a couple of the kids favorites.
 Lauren really liked this goat's eyes.
 I loved this little guy.

How cute!  
 Lauren making more friends.
 We loved this cow named Jerry.  He was in with another cow named Ben.  Ha, ha, Ben and Jerry!
 So adorable!
This is Jenny, a Sicilian Donkey.  I love her.
 This guy is a bit bigger.
 Here is Shelby the Tortoise.  She was off on an adventure.
 A lot of the animals were hiding under a coop relaxing to stay out of the sun.
We also had the chance to feed the pigs.  It was so funny, they were sleeping and when they heard food they headed right over.  Here is Evan feeding them an apple.
During the day there are scheduled activities.  Get a paper when you enter and it will have the schedule of what is going on.  Usually there is bottle feeding, milking, visits with Moo Moo, Pig Feeding and more. 
 So many friends to make.  These two sheep are siblings and went everywhere together.
 Evan hanging with a baby.
 Lauren with a baby goat too.
 This guy was smiling for us.
 Such a great place to see so many animals.
We then headed to the sprinkler park.  It is such a great place to cool off on a warm day.
 They just added a new slide that Lauren enjoyed.

Here you can see the new slides.

So much fun!

There is also the bubble area that the kids love.
Look at the bubble monster.
 The Imagine Acres area is so much fun to play in too.

This is a great place for the younger kids to play.
 There is also a playground.
Davis Farmland is a great place to spend a day.  For $25.95 and all that you can do it is a bargain.  I highly suggest going.  
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Disclosure:  I received tickets for my family to go to Davis Farmland for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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