Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12/11: Polar Express Magical Trip to the North Pole

This was our third time on the Polar Express in North Conway, NH and it was just as magical as the first.  It is a wonderful adventure by train to the North Pole to see Santa sponsored by Believe in Books.  The whole family dresses in PJs just like in the book and you travel by train to see Santa.  You can see my previous posts here.  If you are interested in going in the future note that there is a lottery to get tickets.  These tickets are sold in early October so you need to plan ahead.  Ticket information is here for the North Conway and Lincoln trains. 
Here is the family outside the train when we were ready to go back to New Hampshire from the North Pole.
 It is so beautiful in the White Mountains.  Look at this beautiful photo I took on the way there.
 Here we are at the hotel before leaving to get on the train.
And the kids in front of the train ready to go.
 Lauren showing me The Polar Express Book.  This is Evan's favorite book to read.
 Lauren and I saying cheers with our cups of Hot Chocolate.
 Now Evan and Daddy.
 Lauren and her nougat center chocolate.
 Evan looking out as the train travels.
 Our arrival at the North Pole.  It is truly magical for the kids as you arrive at the North Pole and they see Santa's house way up on the hill.  The elves explain that Mrs. Claus is up in their home baking cookies.
 The kids can deliver their letters to Santa here also.  Might as well drop it off when you are in the North Pole instead of paying postage.
 The kids in the theatre at the North Pole.
 All the elves singing.
 The reading of the Polar Express book.
 The kids hugging Santa.  Don't mind the third kid in there, that one just snuck in to the picture.
 Evan and Lauren, but Santa is blocked by his hat.
 Santa presenting the first gift of Christmas, a bell from his sleigh.
Here is some video from in the theatre from The Polar website:
Evan high fiving an elf.
 Listening to his bell on the train.
 Singing Christmas Carols on the way back to NH.

If your child loves Trains like Evan does, loves the Polar Express story or wants to travel to the North Pole this is a must see during the Christmas Season!


MommaKiss said...

that looks like so so so much fun! My boys would love it!

Mikeasfl said...

that looks like so so so much fun! My boys would love it!