Sunday, December 18, 2011

12/18/11: A Christmas Journey at the EcoTarium

This was our 4th trip to the EcoTarium in Worcester MA.  Every visit is different and we experience different exhibits and new wonderful things to see.  This time we went for A Christmas Journey.  In addition to a visit to the museum for an additional fee you could attend a reading of the Polar Express, receive a bell, ride the train around the grounds, and then go in to visit Santa and have Hot Chocolate and a cookie.  Here are the kids and John ready to go on the train ride.
 Time to see Santa.  I think this makes 9 times.  See my previous Wordless Wednesday:  The Many Faces of Santa.  One thing I am thankful for is that every single time they have asked for the same things.  Evan for all the Angry Birds and Lauren for all the Hello Kitty items.
 The kids exploring.  Some highlights of the visit were a little capsule you could go in and feel hurricane force winds, a video of previous weather where we could go back and watch the crazy October snow storm we had, and another video where you could drive to the top of Mount Washington.  The funny thing is at the end it showed a bumper sticker that said This Hand Climbed Mount Washington, just like the bumper stickers saying This Car climbed Mount Washington.  That gave me a giggle.
 A little rock climbing area where you could climb sideways along the rock wall.
 Evan experimenting.
 And of course we always have to take a pictures with the bear.  I was nervous when we walked in and I didn't see him, but was happy to see he had just relocated to the 1st floor. 

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Julieane Frost said...

Looks like you had a "cool" time!