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12/15/11: Christmas, So Magical Through a Child's Eyes

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Nothing is more magical than Christmas for a child.  I remember the excitement I had leading up to the holidays when I was a kid.  There was so much anticipation of receiving presents, which for me lasted from Christmas Eve through my birthday on December 27th.  Santa and my parents never disappointed.  Now I watch my own children and adore how excited they get for the holiday season.  They have such a true belief and make sure to be good so the Elf on the Shelf will report back good things to Santa.  They stand in awe when seeing the big man himself as they tell him all the items they would like.
Santa always arrived at my house when I was a kid at midnight and continues to arrive on Christmas Eve at our house.  It is so fun to watch the kids with such anticipation watching at the window to see the red suited jolly man come to their house to drop off their presents.  Seeing is believing and seeing Santa makes the excitement high in our house.  After he arrives they run to the door to get their presents.
Every year for the last three we have also travelled to the North Pole (otherwise known as New Hampshire) on the Polar Express.  My son loves trains and this book is his favorite.  Everything is so real to the kids there as the train takes them to the North Pole and the Elves are there to greet them once they arrive.  The reading of the story followed by the arrival of Santa make for such a wonderful experience.  Then all the children are granted bells.  It all makes the trip so magical.  I love seeing them ring the bell and state that it does ring.
 I could only wish that this belief would stay forever and that they would always remain this innocent.  When we all get caught up in the business of the holidays it is always nice to just sit back and remember being a child yourself and what a wonderful feeling the holidays brought.
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