Friday, December 30, 2011

12/30/11: Museum of Science Fun - What Makes an Ocean Wave Wave?

The kids always have a great time at the Museum of Science.  I am fortunate enough to get free tickets to the exhibit hall, Planetarium Shows and Omni Shows from my company who is a corporate sponsor of the Museum.  Today was especially busy at the Museum with school vacation week but we still had a great time and took in an Omni show called Ring of Fire which was really cool.  Evan loves Dinosaurs so he had to pose with one.  He especially likes his scarf.
 Lauren controlling the Space Capsule.  Maybe taking after her Mom in interests.  See my earlier post to learn more.
 Every time I see this I have to say "What makes an ocean wave wave?"  If you have lived around Boston as long as I have this will be a throw back to the old commercial for the Museum of Science. 
 I actually found that old commercial, here is the video:
There are always new exhibits every time we go.  Plus the kids love the kids play area.  Here is Lauren seeing what it is like to be a Bee.
 Evan releasing his fishy in to the water.
Can't wait for our next visit.

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