Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/10/13: Win Stickeez by Artsi

I love cool craft gifts for kids and my kids love making them.  Next up in my Holiday Gift Guide is Stickeez by Artsi and I am giving you a chance to win one.  We received the Stickeez Clutch but if you win you can pick any of the Stickeez Collection.
 Here is what you start with, a Clutch, coin purse and tons of stickers.  It is hard to see but on the clutch and coin purse are numbers where you need to put the stickers.  On the side of the box is a legend for what number corresponds to what gem.
 Who doesn't love putting a little bling on their purse?  Lauren got right to work.  Of course Lauren is a "by the book" type of girl but I could also see kids being creative and not following the numbering and just putting the gems where they would like.
 She started with the coin purse as it was smaller.
 She had fun putting them all on the coin purse.
 Here is her finished product.  It comes with lots of extra stickers.
 Then she moved on to the clutch.  This was a bigger job so she called in some help.  Evan helped her a bit.
 Then her friend came over for a play date and was happy to help.
 Here they are working together to finish the purse.
 In no time the two of them finished the purse and had fun doing it.
 Here it is as packaged.  What a super cute gift for kids.
Enter the Rafflecopter below and you can pick a Stickeez Set that you would like.
Disclosure:  I received the Stickeez Clutch for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


MammaNatty said...

My daughter would love any of these, but I would probably pick the jewerly box for her :)

Dollops of Diane said...

Isabelle would love any of them. She's a crafting nut. She doesn't have a clutch yet though!

Tamar said...

I like the Stickeez™ Bling Book.

Terra H. said...

I'd like the Stickeez™ Jewelry Box for my step-daughter. Thanks.

sweetsue said...

I like the Treasure Boxes for my granddaughter.
smchester at gmail dot com

Karen O said...

I would chose the Stickeez Treasure Boxes. I think my granddaughter would really like them.

Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer said...

Bling book!

bloomerbear said...

Would love the Bling Book for my daughter...

pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
thank you

Amy Ballou said...

I would love the jewelry box :)

Heather said...

My daughter would love the cute candy stickers kit

Karen O said...

Thank you so much! I received the Stickeez Treasure Boxes and they look really cute. I am giving them to my granddaughter for Christmas. Thanks again!