Sunday, November 3, 2013

11/3/13: Lite Brix Mansion and Sports Car

Last year I did a review of Lite Brix from Cra-Z-Art and fell in love with them.  At that time they only had sets for boys.  This year I was happy to see they had some wonderful sets for the girls and my daughter was excited to build them.  There are now lots of Lite Brix Sets for Girls and we received the Lite Brix Mansion and Sports Car to play with.
Lauren and I got right to work putting the Mansion together.  This was a big job so I stepped in to help her out with the assembly.  
 There are 144 steps so this one takes a while to make but it is well worth it in the end.  Make sure you hear them snap together to make sure they are secure.
Plus there are lots of accessories that you need to find just the right place for.
 Here it is completed.  These brix also are compatible with other blocks which is nice.

 After the Mansion was complete the next day we put together the Sports Car which in comparison is much easier to put together and was completed quickly and is super cute.  The car comes with a person and a little dog which Lauren had fun playing with.

Lauren had fun setting everything up just where she wanted.
 I love that Evan got in to it too and the two of them were playing with their little town.
 They quickly got to work putting their vehicles in place and since Evan had experience with Lite Brix he helped Lauren putting some together.
 Here is the Mansion and Sports Car lit up.
 Evan was smart and decided to connect the car to the house to light up.  We had run out of batteries and the pack for the car took 3 "AAA"s and we only had 2.  This way with the connector we could light up the car.
 Lauren was thrilled with it and loved watching it light up.
 Another picture without the flash.
 While we were at putting together blocks Evan decided to bring out his Super Jet Fighter.  I love this one!  It makes two configurations.
 Here he is having fun flying it around.
Here is some video to see them light up including the Mansion, Sports Car and Jet.
 With the Jet, the majority of the blocks all light up.  I would suggest checking each section you put together to make sure it lights up.  We did find that we had one faulty connector and after it was all put together the top section would not light up.  Once I tested section by section I found the faulty connector.  It was sort of like looking for the faulty light in a string of lights.  One goes out, they all go out.
 I think these are a great toy and challenging for kids to put together.  They are made by Cra-Z-Art who also put out another super hot toy this holiday season, The Cra-Z-Loom.  Check out the full line of products.
 Here is the Lite Up Mansion and Lite Up Sports Car as packaged.
And fully put together!  Definitely check them out this holiday season.
Disclosure:  I received these Lite Brix sets for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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