Monday, August 10, 2015

8/10/15: Indian Echo Caverns Beauty Close to Hershey PA

When you think of Hershey PA you think of Chocolate, but did you ever think of natural wonders of caverns?  We were able to uncover an amazing place called Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, PA only a short drive from Hershey.  I am going to warn you that my pictures can not do these Caverns justice and you should experience them for yourself to explore their beauty.
When you arrive there is a large gift shop which is where you also purchase your tickets for the caverns.
The kids wanted to pose in front of the Inidan Teepee.
After getting our tickets we were assigned a letter and time for our tour.  It is a 45 minute guided tour with a tour guide through the caverns.  We then met behind the building where there is a lovely area that also has a playground.
There are stairs to go down to the caverns.  If I remember correctly there are 71 stairs.  Just remember you will be going up 71 stairs after exiting the caverns.  Our tour guide met with us and took us down the stairs to start our tour.  Once you enter the caverns you enter in to large area.  This is what you see in front of you.
 This is behind you at the entrance to the Cavern.
No need to worry at all as your tour guide is with you the entire time.  There are no small areas to get through, the lighting is really good, and there are even red lights to signify a low point where you may need to duck your head.
It is absolutely gorgeous to look at.  At one point you will be able to experience total darkness which I though was pretty cool.  Don't worry though your tour guide will warn you and kids will be prepared for this happening.  It isn't scary at all.
 There will be some drops of water periodically as you go through the cavern but not a lot.  It isn't really slippery and the path is easy to navigate.  My pictures do not do it justice.
You will learn a lot as you travel through the caverns of the geology plus the names of each of the areas you visit.
Here you can see one of the areas you enter in to.
 Lauren walking through.
Your tour guide will tell you many facts as you go through the caverns and some fairy tales.  Use your imagination and see what you can see in the caverns.

My favorite part was Crystal Lake.
Indian Echo Caverns is a limestone cave which is over 440 million years old.
It is a great place to visit on a hot day as the caverns are 52 degrees year round.
You will also learn about The Pennsylvania Hermit and "The Mystery Box".
This is the wedding cake.
 While visiting you can also feed the animals.
 You can purchase feed in the gift shop.
 There is also Gem Mill Junction where you can pan for gemstones.
Here you can see the area where kids do their mining.
I highly suggest visiting and spending a few hours.  Go here for a coupon for tickets.
Disclosure:  I received a family four pack of tickets for my family to visit Indian Echo Caverns in exchange for promotion.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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