Saturday, August 1, 2015

8/1/15: Middlesex Sheriff's Office Youth Public Safety Academy

Last week Evan was in the Middlesex Sheriff's Office Youth Public Safety Academy.  He had a blast and learned such awesome safety skills from our Sheriff's Office, and local Police Officers and Fire Fighters.
I love this week long camp for kids ages 9 to 11.  It teaches kids awesome safety skills including emergency preparedness, about Internet safety and bullying prevention.  One day they went on a field trip to the Police Station and Fire Station.  Every day they did fun activities and received breakfast and lunch.  It was an amazing value at only $75!  One day they went to the Boys and Girls Club and did obstacle courses.  Evan loved that. 
Evan was excited to hold the flag at graduation.  It is really cute that they have a graduation ceremony.
So cute.  Each team made a team flag.  They were called the Swaggin Patrol Squad.
All of the team flags.
All the cadets during their graduation.
There were three towns included.  Evan was happy to have some of his friends from school in his group.
Here is Sheriff Koutoujian talking to the cadets.  He spoke positive words to the kids including telling them they can be whatever they want to be if they work hard. 
Checking out his certificate.
I highly recommend sending your kids if you get the chance.

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