Friday, August 7, 2015

8/7/15: The Crayola Experience in Easton PA

We recently took a whirlwind trip to Pennsylvania.  The first location we visited was The Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.  It offers four floors of some unique colorful fun for kids.
The front of the building is really cool with large markers and crayons.
There are larger than life crayons.
Where else can you see the World's Largest Crayon?  This crayon which was created in 2003 weighs 1,500 pounds and is 15 feet long.  123,000 blue crayons were collected from around the country to make this crayon.  This in on the first floor in addition to a Cafe, Gift Shop, and the entrance.
We started out on the 2nd floor in the Wrap It Up! area which allows kids to pick a color of crayon and select an image and name to print on their crayon label.  You put a token in the machine of your desired color crayon and the digital display steps you through picking the image and name you would like on your label.  The machine then dispenses the label and crayon and you roll the label on to the crayon.
Here are the kids with their creations.
Here you can see a close up view of the crayons.
Right next to that area is the Modeling Madness area.  There are vending machines with Crayola Model Magic and kids can use the model magic along with tools to make designs and molds.
Lauren showing me her creations.
We then headed to the Crayola Factory theater to learn more about Crayola crayons and how they are made.  There is a little demonstrations and animated crayons talk about what happens.  Did you know that since 1903 Crayola has made more than 600 colors?
The 2nd Floor also has some digital interactive exhibits.  Here you can see Evan making a shark.
Once you make your creation you can release it in to the digital wall display.  Here is Lauren with hers.  There are options to duplicate the image as you can see with hers.
We then headed up the 3rd floor and went to the Water Works area.  This area has little Crayola shaped boats that kids control going through a water table.
This area was well organized with a line to obtain boats.  Once kids received their boats they could start going down the one way waterway.
I loved that there were different ways to get the boats through the water.  Here you see a crank area with a hill.
There were also locks where you could lower or raise the boats to the right water level to keep moving along the waterway.
From there we headed to the play climbing area.
Kids could spend a long time in here playing and sliding down the slide.  We had to finally call our kids so we could move on.
There is also a Toddler play area for little kids.
The 4th Floor had more places to create.  When you walk up there is an area where you can make a molded crayon by picking a color and picking a mold of either a dinosaur, ring, or crayon looking character.  Lauren chose a ring.
There is also a drip art and meltdown activity here where it makes a splattered design of crayons.  There are also many areas where you can color an image and then have it transferred to a shirt or canvas.
Here you can see the Gift Shop.
 This is the other side of the building.  So super cute.
I would highly suggest visiting.  They have other locations in Minneapolis, MN and Orlando, FL.  It is a great value for several hours of fun.  Regular admission for Adults and Children is $18.99 however if you buy tickets online it is only $16.99.
Twitter: @VisitCrayola
Crayola crayons, they work on brains not batteries!  Get creative!
Disclosure:  I was provided with a family four pack of tickets in exchange for promotion.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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