Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8/18/15: The National Civil War Museum

While we were in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania we got to experience a little bit of history by visiting The National Civil War Museum.  This is the only museum in The United States that portrays the entire story of the American Civil War.  History is preserved in equally balanced presentations that are humanistic in nature without bias to Union or Confederate causes. 
Outside is this statue called Moment of Mercy which depicts Sgt.Kirkland's selfless act of courage and mercy.
Here is a better view of it.
When we visited we were lucky enough to have some Civil War Reenactors there.  The kids loved this as they got to talk to someone about how it was and what types of supplies they might have had.
The kids got to ask questions as this young man went through what was in his tent.
The kids checking out all the stuff he had with him.
He also showed how they would have used their guns.
Evan checking out what cracker they might have ate.
Here are some of the other setups that were outside.
The lovely grounds of the museum.
As you enter there is a rotunda area with a gift shop on the right and the left has exhibits.
The exhibits focus on the people and the lives that were affected.
There is so much to see along with small theaters with informational movies running.
There are many artifacts, manuscripts, documents, photographs and other printed material that exceed 24,000 items.  There is even an interactive exhibit with President Lincoln.
There are 3,500 artifacts of which 850 are on display in the permanent galleries.  The rest are held in secure storage for future exhibits.
This exhibit depicts the firing on Fort Sumter and shows the mass bombardment that led to the fort's surrender.
Story telling to talk more about both sides.
Artifacts to look at.
So much to see.
Lifelike depictions.
Evan is dressing the part in the gift shop.
There are lovely views outside.
I highly suggest a visit to The National Civil War Museum.  
Disclosure:  I was provided for admission to The National Civil War Museum for my family for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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